500 Million Bingo Tax Relief for Rank Bingo!

The saying goes ‘you reap what you sow’ – and that could end-up being the case for the greedy government as bingo hits back and claims its cash. News from the Rank Group claims the company, which owns Mecca Bingo Parlours, has been successful in the high courts over its battle for £63 in excess VAT paid on bingo and slot games!

Worse yet for the government is the news that other similar payments may follow – leading to £500 million being paid back to the UK’s suffering bingo establishments. The issue has been caused by a conflict of information over which games and machines were exempt from VAT under European law. There is now thought to be a back-log of over 1000 cases lining up for their cash-back (including bingo halls, pubs and bookmakers).

The main bingo claims are being made for ‘mechanised bingo game’ – offered by some bingo halls between the classic games. The government is considering the verdict of the court before deciding whether to appeal – but we say they are getting everything they deserve for all the harsh bingo taxes and rate rises that have seen many bingo parlours bite the dust or suffer during the credit crunch.