Bingo Callers

The National Bingo Gaming Association (NBGA) in the UK recently announced that it is to suspend the National Bingo Game Caller of the Year Competition this year.

This will surely bring much disappointment to not only the participants of this annual competition, but also its many followers and supporters. The event is open to live land bingo hall callers, and there is always huge competition. The NBGA stated that the reason for the suspension was due to the considerable challenges and issues facing the bingo industry at present.

The 2007 winner was Blake Robson, who won the much coveted trophy as well as a trip to Las Vegas. The NBGA say that the competition will be back on next year, bigger and better than ever.

On a happier note however, one online bingo hall has today revealed who their 90 ball bingo callers are. Starlight Bingo software allows players to choose if they wish to listen to male or female bingo caller, and can inter-change between games. Now you can not only listen to the voices of the bingo callers whilst playing your favourite bingo ames, but you can read about them, and see thier picture too!

Starlight Bingo were kind enough to grant me permission to re-produce the photo of Steve and Sheila, (see below) the online bingo callers in the 90 ball bingo hall. And urprise surprise, it turns out that they are married to each other! They are both from successful musical / entertainment backgrounds, and are well known in around the UK,however they have lived for some years in Cyprus, having a much more relaxed way of life.

Starlight Bingo have free bingo games running every day from 5pm to 5am (uk time) in their 90 ball bingo hall with pots of £5 and jackots of £50, and pay to play games from as little as 1p per game! Whether you play for free or pay to play you will need to sign up for an account and get the free bingo download to start playing. Then you can listen to the voices of Steve and Sheila as they call your winning numbers!