Bingo Gala Mega Bucks Jackpot Games

Bingo Gala is never short of a MEGA Jackpot – But unlike many this operator is offering big buck jackpots every single day of the week. Check out Bingo Gala’s Mega Bucks. There are FOUR scheduled MEGA BUCKS jackpot games starting at eight in the evening (EST). Each with a guaranteed prize pot of $100 and Progressive Jackpot up for grabs of at least $3K: Awesome!

The Mega Bucks jackpot games
The Mega Bucks jackpot bingo games are played every quarter of an hour. The first kicks of at 8pm (EST), then 8.15pm and 8.30pm with the final game at 8.45pm. The cards are a $1 each and if you buy five, Bingo Gala will give you another two completely free: Not a bad offer at half the price! If you don’t think you are going to be around (and this might be especially true if you are in a different time zone entirely) never fear – Tickets for all the Mega Bucks jackpot games can be pre-purchased.

Pre-purchasing tickets and checking out schedules has been made extremely easy for players at Bingo Gala. All the schedules are laid out very clearly and if the pre-buy option is available members just need to hit ‘Book’ and it’s done – Like magic! The Mega Bucks games are played in the Main Hall which also has a whole host of stuff going on throughout the day.

If you are looking for some bargain bingo the Half Price Bingo is available in the main hall from 10pm until 10.55pm (EST) – Tickets for these scheduled games are just 12c: They can be pre-purchased and there is a progressive jackpot up for grabs too. From 1am until 2am it is 4×4 Happy Hour. Tickets are just 4c and it is Buy One Get One Free – Players must purchase a minimum of 4 tickets during the 4×4… With so much going on at Bingo Gala why are you still here?!