Bingo Hall Conned Into Double Payout

A bingo hall was recently conned into paying out a jackpot twice, when a women claiming to be the friend of the winner convinced managers to pay her the £500 jackpot that she had not actually won. The woman was so convincing that hall staff paid out the jackpot, only to have the real winner claim the prize shortly afterwards.

As the mistake was made by the hall, they had to pay the full jackpot amount to the real winner – something that they were not thrilled about, but had no choice but to do.

Surveillance footage is now being screened to try and identify the woman who managed to con the prize money out of the hall.

In the online version of bingo, players do not need to claim their win as the system automatically detects and claims wins on behalf of the player. This ensures that there are never any issues such as this, and also prevents false claims or mistaken claims. These days, bingo technology is so advanced that all wins, losses and wagers are able to be tracked with pinpoint accuracy, something that online bingo prize winners will take much relief in knowing!