Bingos account problems

Bingos recently made the decision to ditch their Parlay Entertainment software and become part of the BBNetwork which is made up of sites including Crown Bingo, Bingolore and Bingo Boogie. Becoming part of the network meant that the internet bingo site needed to swap over to the Virtue Fusion software which should have been a good thing but sadly Bingos account problems will send their players flocking to the competition.

We popped over to the new Bingos site to see how it was looking and to update our bingo reviews. At first everything looked promising with a nice brightly coloured makeover and a new home page layout advertising Bingos new rooms, new games, bigger jackpots and their all new live bingo. Combine this with the Virtue Fusion software, which in our opinion is much superior to their old Parlay platform, and you would think the Bingos new offering would be ready to compete with some of the big boys of the industry but our opinion went down hill fast,We decided to log into our old Bingos account and enjoy a few games of online bingo. We clicked on the play now button, entered our existing account details and were then ask to validate our account by entering a new username.

You would think this would be no problem but unfortunately the first username we tried was apparently in use by another player on the network. OK fair enough, we click on the try again button and tried a different variation but surprise surprise that one was in use too. As they say third time lucky so we entered a random user name, the kind of name no sane person would ever come up with but guess what? Yes you have it, that name was also in use.

By this point we were pulling our hair out and grabbing for a can of Red Bull; surely playing a game of bingo can not be that hard? We were then directed to a message informing us that we needed to contact support but we wanted to play now, not after even more hassle so we decided to have a fresh start and open a new account. We entered our new details only to be told our email was already in use on the network, no problem we thought as we have plenty of email accounts but time after time the same thing happened – either someone has used all our email accounts or there is something very wrong at Bingos.

In the end we gave up, there are plenty of other online bingo sites out there using the Virtue Fusion software and they are a lot easier to access then Bingos. It really is sad to see a site put up so many barriers to potential players and we wonder just how many other people had a similar experience and simply gave up. In a bingo market where new bingo sites are launching daily you would think Bingos would trying to make the sign up process easier not damn near impossible. Take a look at our best bingo section for some great sites that have a SIMPLE registration process!