Fraudster Gets Bingo Jackpot Fine

A fraudster who recently conned a hall to hand over a £500 bingo jackpot has been fined. The player, Clair Borrill, was caught after scamming Mecca Bingo employees into giving her the house jackpot, claiming that she was collecting the prize for a friend before quickly leaving the building with the money.

Luckily the Mecca Bingo club paid out the real winner, however justice has now finally been served when the fraudster was apprehended and fined £700 to make up for the prize money stolen as well as compensation. Miss Borrill pleaded guilty to the charges of fraud, and paid the fine.

One of the biggest advantages of online bingo is that it leaves very little room for fraud or error. As the wins are tracked and claimed automatically, players are not able to make false claims. Instead, the game software automatically generates the claim, even if the player is not in the room at the time of their win – thus preventing fraudulent claims and ensuring that the real winner is credited with their prize almost instantly after their win.

Winners do not have to do anything, as the system does it all for them, sending out a flashing notification on the screen and crediting their account. Any bingo player who has a win can be sure that they will be correctly credited for their win.