Grandparents Abandon Their Grandchild to Play Bingo

A ten year old child was left in a casino while his grandparents went to play bingo, reports an Auckland news source. The child was found waiting outside the gambling area of the local SkyCity casino at about 10:30AM by security staff, who contacted the police.

No arrests have been made as of yet. The casino says that children occasionally do get left while their parents or grandparents gamble, and that they regularly warn players that this is dangerous and not permitted.

Across the world, players are advised to play responsibly and to never let their gambling interfere with their caregiver responsibilities. Many parents or grandparents enjoy playing bingo, and for those who are entrusted with the care of a minor, arrangements can be made when they wish to visit their local casino or bingo hall – children can be left with a babysitter, crèche or trusted relative for instance, if they are not at school.

This way they can ensure that their children remain safe when they are gambling, rather than leaving them to wait in a casino, where they are left unattended with no supervision or protections. Bingo players should also be reminded too that leaving a child unattended is against the law in most countries.