Even things up at We Luv Bingo

As online bingo players we have all come across others that have what appears to be a never ending amount of money to spend on bingo. These players can be found at any site and tend to buy the maximum amount of cards. Whilst it only takes one card to win, statistically your chances are improved when you buy more tickets making the ‘maxer’ the bane of the budget bingo players’ life. So let’s even things up at We Luv Bingo!

Fair For All games at We Luv Bingo do exactly as the name suggests, makes the chances of winning equal to all players in the room. This is done by offering low prices for the bingo cards and setting a maximum amount of tickets per game at just twelve. Although this is only half of a normal room at We Luv Bingo (usually 24 bingo cards per game), it still levels the playing field a little with ‘maxers’ and budget bingo players all holding the same number of tickets.

These special games play at We Luv Bingo every night in their Pennies from Heaven room starting at 8pm nightly and running for a whole hour until 9pm. Tickets for the games are set at 10p each so even when you max out on your card purchases at this online bingo site you won’t be spending more than £1.20. Obviously the pot prizes are less than in an average room at We Luv Bingo but if you are looking for a better chance to win, this is the promotion for you!