‘National Cash’ launched by The National Bingo Game Association

The National Bingo Game Association works with leading bingo industry operators to deliver big money games of bingo in land based bingo halls – offering players in participating bingo clubs life enhancing prize money, twice a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year, by linking the total prize fund to numbers of tickets sold across all the clubs.

The National Bingo Game has been with us since 1986 and most of the national and regional bingo chains take part like Mecca Bingo, Buckingham Bingo and Beacon Bingo. On Sunday to Friday afternoons the prize is anything up to £5,000 and on a Saturday afternoon can reach £10,000. On an evening session the prize is up to £20,000 Monday to Thursday, but £25,000 Friday to Sunday. All that is required is to be the player to call house on the least number of calls nationally.

The introduction of the National Game all those years ago helped to rejuvinate interest in the bingo game and now the Association has launched a new linked game called National Cash.

Bingo clubs around the country are excited by the launch of National Cash, the new game from the National Bingo Game Association. Bingo club goers will be able to play for a £5000 Jackpot every day, twice a day, for a £1 stake.

The Jackpot can be won by players calling house in 45 numbers or less. In addition, if no one does manage to cross off all their numbers within the first 45 drawn, the game will continue until one lucky player in every club linked to National Cash calls house to claim the cash prize.

National Cash will be the first wide area mechanised cash bingo game played in the UK. Prior to the installation of this new technology the number of clubs that could link up in this way was below 30. Now however, there are up to 250 clubs looking to take part.