Online Bingo Site Offering Golden Rewards

Leading online bingo site has announced the launch of a special VIP club designed for loyal long-term customers featuring a range of special promotions unavailable to normal players.

Membership into the special Golden Ladies VIP club is available to players that joined the Gibraltar-licensed domain before June 1 of this year or that have played at least 4,000 games of online bingo since becoming a member.

In the UK, is promoted by television adverts featuring popular British male comedian Vic Reeves dressed as a middle-aged woman sporting loads of makeup.

Players that qualify to join the Golden Ladies VIP club must apply and, if successful, will be rewarded with an assortment of ongoing special promotions and offers such as free bingo games for unique prizes.

The social aspects of playing over the Internet cannot be discounted as a major reason behind the recent surge in the popularity of online bingo and stated that its new Golden Ladies VIP club would operate as much more than just a place for elite competitions. Through chat sessions, it expects the new service to serve as an exclusive meeting place for its thousands off online members along with creating a sense of loyalty towards the site, which is powered by software from Brigend Limited.

It is widely believed that most British online bingo players regularly check out other sites in search of special promotions and prizes that may be unavailable at their regular destination. The site stated that its new VIP club would also help to create a sense of loyalty among players towards and help it to retain its large base of regular visitors.