Tasty Bingo shares the Joy Pot

At Tasty Bingo players can find a totally new type of promotion already in action, set to culminate on June 25th with a massive £25,000 guaranteed bingo jackpot up for grabs. This promotion is unique in that it runs across all four bingo sites represented by bingo affiliate JoyofBingo, which has now added a player hub to its site, focusing on the four sites it represents.

The unique Joy Pot promotion has a total of £100,000 in guaranteed bingo jackpots up for grabs spread in lump sums of £25,000 on the four bingo sites over the next year: Tasty Bingo, Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo and RedBus Bingo.

The bingo sites will be taking turns to host these games from June 2010 till April 2011. So while the first game will be hosted by Tasty Bingo on 25th June, Wink Bingo will be hosting the second Joy Pot game on 24th September, the third game will be hosted by RedBus Bingo on New Year’s Eve and the final game in this promotion will be hosted by Posh Bingo on 29th April 2011.

In this special promotion players from all four sites can accumulate their points to earn free bingo cards while playing at the site they’re registered with. Players don’t need to be funded to play the Joy Pot game at the host site, however if a player is registered at two or more of the participating bingo sites then the Pot Points earned will be merged together before the big game.

This promotion is unique to the Daub Ltd bingo group which brings together these stand-alone bingo sites. Players at these either or more of the online bingo sites will soon be enjoying a Virtue Gift feature as well in which they can exchange virtue gifts with friends across sites; these could be birthday balloons or good luck charms.