Trick or Treat Bingo

From theatre to bingo hall
The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester UK, will next year become a bingo hall. But theatre lovers do not dispair, for this will not be a permanent thing it will only last for the time of ‘Everybody Loves a Winner’ which is being commissioned as part of the Manchester International Festival.The director, Neil Bartlett has promised a world premier and prestigious curtain-raiser, and is promising to re-design the theatre’s famous in-the-round auditorium. Some of the seats will be removed and replaced with bingo hall tables and chairs to allow part of the audience to play along and be a part of the action, and maybe the chance to win some cash. There will also be music and dancing. The festival will run from 2nd to 19th July 2009.

Halloween Bingo
Halloween themes over recent years have become a big part of bingo online. One of the best offers I’ve seen this year is from who are giving a free bingo bonus of £15, no deposit required. They have also created a special Halloween Bingo room called Spooksville. The bingo room is open for the whole of October, playing 90 ball bingo games.The fun thing about the Spooksville room is not only the spooky yet cool design, but also the ‘Trick or Treat Mystery Door Challenge’. With this you get chances to peak behind the door based on the deposit amounts you make. For instance a depost of £10 will get you 15 entries, and the more deposits you make, the more peaks you will get.There are four mystery prizes, one for each week of October. Last week (week two) Tom Tom won a super GPS navigation unit. There are still two mystery prizes wating to be peaked at and won, but will they all be treats? Well say the prizes are nothing to be sneered at, so that should give you a big clue. Get on over and play bingo online in the spooksville room and don’t forget to click the banner above, or you won’t get your free £15 bingo bonus.