New TV Bingo is in The Stars!

Bingo is really is a pretty amazing thing – or at least the power of the online version of the game certainly is when it comes to continued popularity. In fact, while bingo analysts always predicted the game would fair well during the credit crunch – it’s success has totally amazed them. The latest reports reveal that in early 2009, some websites and bingo parlours reported a 80% rise in membership levels.

Strangely, it seems that the longer the recession goes on for – the more popular bingo becomes. Of course, one way to look at things is that because people have been forced to really slash back on luxuries, they’ve ended-up finding spare change lying about – and the odd fiver here and there is more than enough for a few online bingo sessions.

Now analysts are starting to track things like jackpots, bingo promotions and advertising techniques to see what attracts a rush of new gamers to sign-up at bingo parlours.

One other thought is that with a packed summer of sport monopolising the TV in many people’s households – those who can’t stand the games are logging on for a bingo break!