UK Online Bingo Is Booming

Online bingo information portal has reported that the number of active virtual players in the UK increased by 80 percent over the six months up to the end of October.

Founded by Scott Logan and Roo Wright, who together have over 15 years of experience in the sector as affiliates, operators and marketers, the site revealed that its figure relates to the average number of online bingo players active at any one time.

“We have been tracking the UK online bingo industry for over eighteen months now and we are starting to see some fascinating and positive trends coming through,” said Logan. “We are, of course, watching the UK and global financial crisis closely but our data suggests active online bingo player numbers should continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

“The volume and variety of data collected allows us to measure bingo trends using a number of different methodologies. One of the key measures we do focus on is tracking the number of online players actively playing in a bingo room at any one time. Overlaying this data with analysis of live promotions, jackpot data and other marketing campaigns also allows us to measure what techniques work in the industry and, more importantly, what players respond to. With this data, we are now able to accurately recognise the best online bingo operators through the trends and behaviours of the online bingo players themselves.”