Bingo Terminology

Just like any other online or offline games, Bingo also has a number of its own terms that are used by the players when ever they play bingo and these are termed as Bingo terminology. Here we shall discuss a few bingo terminology so you can get familiarized with them especially when playing online bingo.

One player – This is a bingo terminology that is used to indicate that the player is just single number away from his winning.

Bingo board – Bingo board is used for board that is made use of for displaying the numbers that are called up randomly called by the caller. This board is generally too large so most people who are playing this game can always view it from any angle.

Minimum buy in and buy in – This refers to the set of cards that you might in fact require to purchase so you can qualify as a player. The set of buy in might differ based on the type of game you play. Minimum buy in refers to the minimum amount of money that a player might have to spend to play the game.

Caller – This refers to a person who is calling out the bingo numbers. Caller does not get involved in playing the game, but is also aware of bingo terminology.

Cover all – This is used so the players under stand that all numbers on the card are meant to be covered in this particular game.

Dauber – This is a type of foam or marker pen that is used for marking on Bingo card. This is a pen that can mark the bingo numbers easily on the card.

Bingo booklet – The bingo booklet has a set of books that are used to play the game. These are colored booklets that have specific sequence that are used when playing this game.

6 pack & 9 pack – These are the numbers that are printed on the bingo card used during the play.

Wrap up – This is a bingo terminology that is used to indicate the end of the play. Bingo is played in wide variations and each game has its own name.

Blackout – A term which is used to indicate that players are supposed to end their game covering all numbers on the card.

Break open – A card that has break open marks on it and has concealed letters, numbers or symbols chosen from the earlier winners.

Consolation prize – A bingo terminology used in case there is no winner, usually given in special bingo variations.

Free space – This is referred to the middle square that does not have any number printed on it.

Chat Master – a person who is the in-charge of the chat session.

Full House – this is achieved when you complete marking all numbers on the bingo card.
Single Line –a full marked row in 90 ball game

Two lines across – this refers to two complete rows in 90 ball game.

Chat Lingo – Bingo is a game that provides you with community feel. It has a certain chat lingo that most players make use of.

AFC – stay away from your computer

BB – Bye Bye

BRB – Be right Back

ATM – At the moment

Bling – Better luck next time

DK – Don’t know

DTS – Don’t think so

EMML – Email me later on

GG – Got to go

JJ – Just joking

NP – No problem

LOL – Laughing out loud

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

TTYL – talk to you later

TY – Thank You

WTG – Way to go

YW – You are welcomed

Always keep in mind that Bingo terminology is very easy for anyone to learn. Even if you substitute these terms for other terms still you can enjoy playing bingo. You can also learn more bingo terminology online as most websites provide you with such bingo terms.

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